Our mission is to make the process from idea to car very easy and fast.
Idea → Code → Customer Nowadays, most automotive features are digital. We enable to easily and rapidly develop, test and roll out those feature. To new vehicles and to cars of an existing fleet via OTA software updates.
No unnecessary backward-compatibility A fundamentally new software basis for cars is needed, without incompatibilities and without barriers and without long development cycles. That’s what we strive for.
We enable businesses Having an idea how to use vehicles better and how to make life easier is great. But turning them into reality currently is a tough business. We provide building blocks and a holistic approach to make the life of people with ideas easier.
Safe and Secure by design Security and safety should be taken for granted. We strive for a mobility that provides the best safety guarantees, and that allows users to choose how their data are handled. Our design follows a ‘safety & privacy first’ principle.
Vertical Integration Control all the bits and features of every single sensor and actuator that makes up a vehicle. If a single device is left out, the full potential is wasted. If every component speaks the same language, on the other hand, everybody benefits.
Subscriptions & Apps The future will not be about owning a car - but simply using a car. Like music and film consumption, the future of mobility will be subscription-based. Sustainable transportation & sharing will be the new standard. The value of vehicles will move from the car itself to your car profile in the cloud.