Empty Paper

Despite all the computers and graphic programs, a blank sheet of paper is the best inspiration. Every design was first a line drawing on a sheet of paper. Good ideas come in the shower or on a relaxing day in a café.

If a design on paper is appealing, it is digitised on a tablet using a stylus. This creates realistic shapes, colour gradients, different perspectives and the designer can easily try out different colour impressions and lighting conditions.

Car Car

This way, many designs are created and discarded over and over again, thereby refining the designs and trying out new ideas. Finally, a design can only show its full potential if it gets converted into 3D realm - and finally in the real world.


Looking at a design in 3D space literally gives another angle to look at the creation. The devil is in the detail - and that detail is only visible from different angles, different perspectives and different distances.

Of course, another important design is the interior of the car. After all, this is our mobile living room. We want to feel comfortable. The challenge is to create an interior look that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and not tiring at the same time. What makes this process especially difficult is that every potential customer has her or his own style and taste. So pleasing everybody is very hard. With ELEXIR, we’ve created technology that adapts to the user. Of course, all the displays in the car (like cluster and infotainment) can change their style to accommodate different tastes.

But also the labelling and iconography of physical buttons can be changed with ELEXIR. This way, everybody can lay out functions in places they prefer - or remove the labels altogether if they like a clean look.