The three parts of security & safety

ELEXIR is built using functional safety, cyber security and resilience in mind.

Functional Safety

ensures that no passengers or pedestrians are harmed. It entails passive components such as safety belts and airbags. Active components such as lane keeping assistants. And also software best practices such as Cyber Security and Resilience.

Cyber Security

If hackers can intrude into the car, even remotely, the safety of passenger’s would be at risk. This is why the ELEXIR’s electronics and computers were built with cyber security in mind from the ground up.


We use Rust for all components running software in the car. Rust is a very safe programming language that minimises the likelihood of programming mistakes.


ELEXIR uses authenticated messages and digital signatures to communicate with the cloud. But it doesn’t stop there: It’s the first car that also encrypts and authenticates each electrical control unit (ECU) to prevent manipulation, theft and hacking: no matter whether it’s coming from outside or inside.