Adaptive Software

ELEXIR is a reconfigurable vehicle: It allows the user to retrofit extras to their vehicle by means of apps. Apps are either for free or can be payed via PayPal or credit card. In general, apps can also be rented for a certain period of time or purchased as a subscription.


A reconfigurable vehicle has a lot of advantages

Upgrade after purchase

Our technology allows to add a feature that was not selected at the time of purchase or was not available at that time. When buying a used car, the buyer thus has the opportunity to configure her dream car. In this way, every customer has the extras he or she prefers available in every vehicle. Thus, every ELEXIR car becomes a tailor-made vehicle.


Functions that are only needed in winter (steering wheel heating) or when driving long distances (cruise control), for example, can be subscribed to for the time of use.

Customer-centered design

Car rental companies and car sharing providers have to keep a large number of differently configured vehicles in stock in order to be able to offer their different customers appropriate rental cars. With ELEXIR, customers simply load their profile that includes all their extras they want. Everything adjusts automatically: the seat and mirror positions, designs and layouts.

Less loss in residual value

With ELEXIR technology, cars lose less of residual value. The software keeps them up to date. And customers can later still retrofit the features they care about.

Ability to Adapt to Beginners or Regulatory Requirements

A temporary or password-protected deactivation of extras enables parents, for example, to make the car available to their children in good conscience with reduced power and reduced maximum speed. Similarly, a limitation of the maximum permitted distance allows you to safely hand over the key when it is necessary to move your car, as is common practice on ferries or in “valet parking”.