In the future

people will not necessarily own cars, but simply use them. The profile of a user with all her car apps and preferences will become a new form of ownership: When users get into a car, the car is personalised with purchased apps such as lane departure warning and their own favourite design.

ELEXIR is a new car

developed from scratch. It entails a complete ecosystem, consisting of account management, AppStore for vehicle functions, payment processing, networking of vehicle functions and sensors. The ELEXIR ecosystem will be the link between manufacturers, their electronics in vehicles, sharing and apps.


allows app developers to access every car function safely. Vehicle manufacturers will have to warm up to putting the user at the centre of their vehicles, especially for younger target groups. These third party apps enhance the experience of users, thus allowing the vehicle to evolve.

ELEXIR is a disruptive business model

as soon as customers have experienced ELEXIR customisation in a vehicle, the current vehicle technology suddenly seems antiquated.

Unique Selling points


This is an overview of the different aspects of designing, engineering an developing a new electrical architecture, a new software architecture and finally a revolutionary new car.