At ELEXIR, we think …
…that you should not have to think about safety & security You should rather take them for granted. We strive for a mobility that provides the best safety guarantees, and that allows users to choose how their data are handled. Our design follows a ‘safety & privacy first’ principle.
…that you shouldn’t have to be a geek to understand how to properly use Adaptive Cruise Control. You don’t have to know in advance wether you will eventually need a feature, or even how to use it. Subscribe to them as you go.
…that you should be able to personalise your car’s design Personalising your lights can be as easy as choosing a picture. Changing the motor sound is as easy as selecting an mp3. If you enter another ELEXIR car, your profile stays with you.
…that apps enable business Do you run a delivery business? Just get an app for that. Do you want to share your car? Just get an app for that. Do you want to game while charing? Guess what! There’s an app.
…that others are even smarter than us We provide the unified car software basis. Everybody else can contribute! ELEXIR’s true strengths comes from its ecosystem - an ecosystem that adds lifetime value by means of apps, connectivity, infrastructure, and smartphone integration. Open API access.

Some Statistics

4139999 Vehicles are connected
60 percent of all customers say price is most important
9 years is the average age of a vehicle
11540 Euros is what men pay more than woman for cars
23000 Residual value without ELEXIR
24000 Residial value of the same car with ELEXIR
270 days of the year, the heated seats are off despite you paid for them
0 flexibility without ELEXIR

From here on digital

We develop car technology with the customer in mind: A car that we want to drive.

An Ecosystem

that provides apps to enhance the functionality. Fancy more power? Just download the app. Ran out of juice? Just check who’s near and charge from their car.

True Customisation

allows you to change the design of your lights or how agile the car feels. Just try another app.

Less to go wrong

with over-the-air software updates and the ELEXIR pure software drive train: Each wheel has its own motor. No gearbox, no differential, no wear and tear. The purest form of driving: ELEXIR converts electric energy to wheel rotation directly.

Really Secure

Always on means ELEXIR needs to be as resilient as possible. Prevent manipulation, theft and hacking.