Our vision is to disrupt mobility with a truly digital car
The future will not be about owning a car - but simply using a car. A car that is part of an entire digital ecosystem, a car whose value lies in the software. Our digital ecosystem for mobility will become the new ownership.
The new ownership Your own ELEXIR car, but also any other ELEXIR rental car, can securely load your profile from the cloud and once you get in, everything feels familiar - all the extras and looks you know and came to love are already loaded.
A fundamentally new software basis for cars that allows you to subscribe to features, configure your car, customise the exterior looks and user interface exactly the way you want.
Beyond a single car We develop a connected fleet ecosystem that enables you to access someone else’s parking sensors for improved safety, or get a boost of charge from another car when you’re in a pickle.
The sky is the limit We strive for an open API, car app community that allows battery charge sharing, parking sensor sharing between neighbouring cars, and dynamic homologation that adapts to the driver’s licence.
Vertical integration of software We develop all features from the point where the user touches a screen, through the embedded operating system, down to the hardware that controls motors and lights. This gives us, and in fact any driver, unprecedented flexibility over all the car’s features. New inventions are just one over-the-air software update away.